A University of Central Florida Ph.D student has been barred from re-entering the U.S., following the executive order signed by President Donald J. Trump suspending immigration from seven majority Muslim countries, a school spokesman told the Orlando Sentinel Monday.

UCF spokesman Chad Binette told the Sentinel that a college of engineering and computer science student, whose name has not been released, is from Iran.


According to Channel 9, Mojtaba Shirazi, the UCF Ph.D student’s brother, is on an F1 visa. The F1 visa allows people to come into the country once, but not leave and return is needed for anyone attending a university, college or other seeking other terms of education.


Shirazi told Channel 9 they knew leaving the states would mean having to apply for a new visa. It took Shirazi six months to be cleared again, but his brother’s visa took eight months.


With hope in sight at that time, Shirazi’s brother was just cleared last Wednesday.

Now following Trump’s executive order, Shirazi’s brother must stay.

Binette also told the Sentinel that the university does not know how many students have been affected by the ban thus far.

A letter issued by the university on Friday stated, “We urge members of our community affected by this anticipated ban to avoid any travel outside of the U.S. during this time.”

“During times of uncertainty, it is important to know that you are not alone or isolated in your concern,” the letter continued. “Know that we stand with you.”

Officials at the Orlando International Airport have said they are not aware of any additional travelers held at the airport.

This comes after three people– a Syrian couple and their son and an Iranian returning to his home in Oviedo–were held around seven hours Sunday for further vetting.

They were eventually allowed into the country.