(Aileen Perilla/ KnightNews)

The greek community may soon be opening its arms to a new member.

UCF’s Inter-Fraternity Council has approved plans to open up for expansion. The vote was passed last Wednesday, February 15 by a vote of 6-4-1.


The motion will now go to the UCF administration, where they will review a list of possible greek organizations who have applied to come to campus.


“I am excited to see that our inter-fraternity council was willing to open arms for expansion,” Greek Council President Joshua Boloña said. “This shows to me that IFC understands that the positive impact they bring to the community will only grow with the possibility of another chapter.”


UCF’s Panhellenic Council and Diversified Greek Council are also expected to vote on expansion, which could bring additional organizations from each council to campus as well.

“I am looking forward to the perspective that will bring,” Boloña said of the Panhellenic and DGC vote. “I am confident that each council will make the best decision for their communities and we will continue to bring an amazing impact to our university,” Boloña said.

It is unclear which organizations could be being considered by the university at this time. Stay tuned to Knight News for continues updates.