UCF Student Arrested for Recording Students in the Bathroom, According to Police

A UCF student was arrested Sunday after UCF Police say he video taped other students inside a student union bathroom.

Shaun Anthony Ragasa, 19, was identified by UCF detectives through surveillance footage in the Student Union, according to WKMG.


The report stated that one of the victims was urinating and saw a cellphone being held over the stall. They believe the cell phone was used to take a photo, WKMG reported.

When Ragasa was picked up for questioning, police say it appeared he was deleting pictures and videos off of his cell phone. The police then took the phone away in an attempt to preserve any evidence, WKMG reported.

Three videos were found on the suspects phone, detectives said. Two were from inside a bathroom, and one was from inside in a bedroom. Police said it appeared none of the subjects in the videos knew they were being recorded, WKMG reported.

Ragasa was charged with one count of video voyeurism, and is currently being held in the Orange County Jail without bond.

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