UCF Students Start Unique Podcast “Deep In the Knight”

Two students at the University of Central Florida co-founded a new podcast that highlights noteworthy stories of UCF students.

Jovan Dinnall, a senior sports and exercise science major and Jack Hershfield a sophomore marketing and international business major are the creative geniuses behind the brand-new podcast “Deep In the Knight.”

Their friendship, team-working skills, and individuality that both of them bring has been the primary factor for their success so early on.

Moreover, Dinnall and Hershfield take on their podcast with professionalism and with a core focus on the mission.

“Deep in the Knight, where unique individuals share why they are who they are,” said Dinnall.

To elaborate, the podcast is based on individual interviews with UCF students to discuss their personal and intriguing stories as to “why they think the way they think and why they are the way they are”

The episodes keep their listeners interested because they get then chance to learn a more intimate perspective on the lives of various UCF students.

One of the reasons why they decided to start the podcast was because they wanted to combat an issue on campus. They observed as students walked around campus on their phones or with headphones on and did not leave any room for socialization. They wanted to break that social barrier.

“The whole idea of our show is to listen to create a community, and really have people listen to other students and connect with them,” said Hershfield.

With this in mind, they treasure every episode that they have released. Nonetheless, they both were able to choose their favorite.

They shared that they enjoyed the story of a student named Agnes. She played the ukulele and sang for them during the podcast.

That is just a hint at all of the fascinating individuals and stories that you can find through the podcast.

This didn’t stop them from dreaming. When asked which guest they would want to have on their podcast if the possibility permits, Dinnall stated “Marcus Jordan,” Michael Jordan’s son who was a former UCF student.

Hershfield and Dinnall are both optimistic for growth and continued success for the show. They hope to increase their audience as well as potentially expand their guests on the show to faculty.

You can listen to the podcast through iTunes and Stitcher:


Students can connect with “Deep In the Knight” through their social media platforms.



“Deep In The Knight” is changing the way UCF students interact, one episode at a time.

This article was contributed by Abby Adeyemo and Daniel Hyun