UCFPD: Student who taped man at urinal also taped 2nd victim in his bedroom

Shaun Anthony Ragasa is being charged with a second count of video voyeurism, according to UCF Police Chief Richard Beary.

Wednesday, Beary held a press conference where he discussed the charges brought against Ragasa.


“The second video… was taken on February 1 inside an off-campus private residence,” Beary said. “In that case it appears that Ragasa may have tampered with an air conditioning vent to gain access to shoot that video.”

Following the discovery of the first incident, detectives made contact with Ragasa at approximately 5:30 p.m. Feb. 8 inside the student union. Ragasa agreed to go with the detectives for questioning.

While Ragasa was being driven to the police station he appeared to be erasing a picture or video, according to the report. Ragasa’s phone was then confiscated by the detectives in an attempt to preserve evidence.

A second warrant has been filed since the discovery of new evidence, and according to Beary, there may be more to come.

“We are still working on the last one,” Beary said. The police chief also encouraged anyone who believes they are a victim of such a crime to come forward.

“If someone thinks they have been a victim, they need to contact us, and we will take that case from there,” Beary said.

Ragasa was released earlier this week on bond after the initial charge of video voyeurism. It is currently unclear whether the suspect will be allowed to attend classes at UCF while he is accused of a felony.

Stay tuned for further updates on this story.