UCF Fraternity Suspended for Allegedly Putting a Gun to a Pledge’s Head

Alpha Epsilon Pi has been temporarily suspended after a brother has been accused of holding a gun to a pledge’s head, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

This information came to light after a member anonymously sent an email to the UCFPD on February 9, the Sentinel reported.

While pledges lay on the floor bindfolded, a brother allegedly took out a rifle and racked it, the Sentinel reported.

In the email it was written that “One of the blindfolded pledges made a comment about it not being real.” In response to this, the brother allegedly took the barrel of the gun and put it up against the pledge’s head, asking him if he thought it was real now, the Sentinel reported.

The fraternity is temporarily suspended while the University investigates the issue. However, the organization will still be allowed to hold chapter meetings as long as University officials are present, the Sentinel reported.