The University of Central Florida College of Graduate Studies earned 22 spots in the nation’s top 100 graduate programs.

Ranked in each of their respective fields, U.S. News & World Report’s Best Graduate Schools of 2018 determined UCF’s prestige among its peers. The UCF Counselor Education program in the College of Education & Human Performance holds the highest pedestal at No. 7 in the country.


“We are delighted to be recognized – especially to see the addition of our Exceptional Education program added to the list of Top 20 programs nationally,” Dean of CEHP Pamela Carroll said.

“Our Counselor Education program continues to do fine work with growth particularly in its marriage and family program, through its federally funded Project Harmony, and the excellent work it is doing to provide counseling opportunities in area elementary schools.”

The UCF CEHP holds the fourth-highest ranked program at the university – Special Education, which also holds the No. 20 spot on the prestigious list.

“UCF is on an upward trajectory because we are harnessing the power of our scale and ou pursuit of excellence to transform higher education in the nation,” UCF Provost and Executive Vice President Dale Whittaker said.

“These rankings are an important recognition of our academic excellence and rigor and a tribute to the work of our dedicated faculty. Beyond rankings, though, we truly want to be known as a university of great impact to our students and society.”

For the first time in UCF history, all seven eligible programs in the College of Engineering and Computer Science ranked among the nation’s best programs, according to UCF officials. The milestone moves CECS up three spots to No. 46 in the ranking (Industrial Engineering, No. 38; Electrical Engineering,  No. 55; Computer Engineering, No. 64; Mechanical Engineering, No.69; Materials Engineering, No. 71 Environmental Engineering, No. 74; Civil Engineering, No. 82).

“Our three-spot jump in the rankings is a testament to our college’s growing national reputation,” Michael Georgiopoulos, dean of the College of Engineering and Computer Science said.

“Our faculty, including 20 new members who have recently joined UCF, are pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery in their fields. As [one] of the nation’s largest producers of engineers and computer scientists, UCF provides high-quality, high-value education, and endless opportunities for students to pursue breakthrough research that is relevant to high-tech industry and vital to our nation’s future.”

The UCF College of Nursing’s Master of Science in Nursing moved up 27 spots to No. 82 and Doctor of Nursing program moved up 24 spots to No. 76.

“Currently, there is significant demand for advanced practice nurses as well as nurses with doctorate degrees to serve as leaders, educators, and researchers. Our growth in these highly respected national rankings emphasizes our commitment to educational excellence and to meeting the nation;s ever-changing health care needs,” said dean of the College of Nursing Mary Lou Sole.

“To be named among the top 100 nursing graduate programs is an incredible honor not only for the college, but for our faculty, students, and Knight nurses nationwide.”