The University of Central Florida plans to terminate six programs, all in the College of Education and Human Performance:

  • B.S. in art education
  • B.S. in world languages education
  • B.S. in English language arts education
  • B.S. in mathematics education
  • B.S. in science education
  • B.S. in social science education.

A UCF Board of Governor’s meeting on Thursday, March 16, 2017, showed university officials approved code changes related to program terminations and consolidations.


All six of these programs will consolidate into two programs with specific tracks to specialize in these fields.


College of Education and Human Performance Dean Pamela Carroll emphasized that no options for students will be eliminated in any of the areas noted.

“Instead, the six free-standing degrees are being combined into two-degree strands. Students will still be able to specialize in the six areas of focus as prospective teachers,” Carroll said.

The anticipated termination term (first term when no new students will be accepted into the program) and phase-out term (first term when no new students will be reported for the program) for all six programs will be Summer 2017, according to the UCF Board of Trustees.

“The College of Education and Human Performance is consolidating two education bachelor’s majors into one program, Teacher Education (and Secondary Education), rather than maintaining individual degree programs,” the Board of Trustees said in a March 16 agenda.

“The consolidation of degree programs into one is consistent with national trends and allows the university to improve assessment of the effectiveness and impact of its teacher preparation programs. The consolidation will be beneficial to prospective, current, and future students.”

The students currently seeking a degree in the affected fields will be migrated to the current track and continue to receive State of Florida certification. All students will continue in the program – the change reflects a structural change for the degree programs, not a discontinuation of the curriculum.

The new consolidated programs start in Summer 2017.