A burn ban has been declared by UCF Athletics ahead of the Spring Football Game on Saturday, April 22.

No open flames will be permitted on campus to tailgaters and other visitors. Unconcealed flames, including fire pits, are banned.


Orange County has banned open flames for all of unincorporated Orange County, which includes areas near UCF. A 165-acre fire called emergency services from several counties and cities to Chuluota, a few miles East of the main campus, on April 8. Smoke could be seen as far as International Drive. Mandatory and voluntary evacuations for nearby homeowners were enforced as the fire claimed campsites and other buildings.

The University of Central Florida Department of Security and Emergency Management has cautioned students on campus in an exceptionally dry season for the region and the state.

Low humidity and high winds have let to ideal conditions for wildfires, DSEM Director Jeff Morgan said to students and faculty.

“Landscape & Natural Resources, in collaboration with the Department of Security and Emergency Management, regularly monitors local conditions and takes preventative measures to mitigate fires in the natural areas of campus,” Morgan said.

“The UCF team includes trained professionals who are well equipped and experienced in dealing with wildfires and who work closely with state fire and forestry officials. As UCF continues to take precautions, we encourage you to stay aware of local road conditions and to not take chances in the event a fire is impacting your area.”

As with all emergencies on campus, students and faculty will be notified of an imminent danger through the UCF Alert system.

UCF Environmental Health & Safety also offers these practical fire safety tips:

  • Have a plan. Know your nearest fire exit, alarm and extinguisher, and don’t hesitate to evacuate quickly and safely in the event of a fire alarm.
  • Be mindful. Simple activities such as lighting up a BBQ or putting out a cigarette become more risky when coupled with favorable fire conditions.
  • Take care of yourself. Smoky conditions can impact personal health. Those with respiratory issues should avoid areas with heavy smoke.

Watch a video with more about UCF’s fire preparations.