The University of Central Florida Police Department made a second arrest on Tuesday in the case of 35 vehicle robberies at Lake Claire.

Sae Von Tye Jacarr Broaden, a documented gang member, acted with three others to roam the Lake Claire and Greek Park area on UCF’s main campus in March and burglarize 35 vehicles, causing thousands of dollars in damage. Theft of personal belongings accounted for a much smaller cost in damage, according to UCF Police Chief Richard Beary.


Surveillance footage and interviews with the first suspect led to the arrest of Broaden along with the uncovering of a Facebook Live video recording Broaden with a handgun. Both the first and second suspect belonged to the same gang. Police would not disclose whether the remaining two suspects belonged to the gang as well due to the active investigation.


Chief Beary described the incident as ‘disgusting’ when police learned that a three-week old infant had been laying next to the suspect as the video was recorded. Beary described the firearm as having been loaded with a magazine and in a fire-ready position when the gun was being held and pointed by Broaden in the video, in reference to his experience with firearm instructing.

“That’s a 3-week-old infant with a career criminal and a convicted felon, who knows he is not supposed to be in possession of a firearm, who post it up online,” Beary said.

“He is not supposed to do it and puts it right in the face of the criminal justice system.”

Friends of Broaden commented on the live video suggesting that the suspect remove the post and discontinue his behavior. In the video, Broaden described himself as untouchable by police.

Another Facebook post made by Broaden believed to be on the morning of a robbery included a caption of “Window poking […] early morning […] call it wake and break”. The post assisted in helping police locate Broaden.

Surveillance footage of broaden being escorted by police after arrest has been released.

The arrest warrant for Broaden by UCF Police has been made available here: