Pegasus Palooza, the University of Central Florida’s official Fall semester welcome week will host a new theme of Knight Wars.

Student Development and Enrollment Services and Pegasus Palooza revealed the theme to students in the Student Union on Wednesday.


“A week full of social, academic, and service activities for students to get acquainted with the UCF campus, meet people, and simply to have fun!,” Pegasus Palooza said. “Whether you are a freshman or senior, transfer or regional campus student, there are events for everyone to enjoy!”

The week of August 18-26, 2017 will have events free to students that will allow freshman to immerse themselves in one of their first college semester experiences and other students to continue to take advantage of free events, prizes, and more.

Student Development and Enrollment Services hosts events through the Summer such as pool partie LINK Launch. Stay tuned for more details on these on-campus events.

Photos: Pegasus Palooza