Knight Flight for Summer break has been announced by the Student Government Association at the University of Central Florida.

The free shuttle transportation for students leaves for and arrives from (MCO) Orlando International Airport, picks up students from UCF at the Lynx/UCF Transit station and, for returning flights, will wait at Ground Transportation at Orlando International Airport.

In order to use the free service to UCF students, those students must register for a pick-up or drop-off time here. Departing and returning bus registration will need to be chosen individually based on your flight information.

FAQ’s from UCF Student Government Association:

Welcome to the Knight Flight home page on the UCF SGA Website. Knight Flight is a relatively new service available to all UCF Students. Knight Flight is a free holiday airport shuttle that travels from the UCF Main Campus to the Orlando International Airport (MCO). Knight Flight will operate prior to Thanksgiving, Winter BreakSpring Break and now Summer Break along with days to get students back to UCF from the airport.

the lynx-ucf transit center is located between garage A, garage I, and the Educational complex.Where?

Knight Flight picks students up from UCF at the LYNX/UCF Transit station (see map to the right for location).

For returning flights, Knight Flight buses will be waiting at Ground Transportation at the Orlando International Airport (MCO).

Please note: Knight Flight only travels to the Orlando International Airport. 


Please note: This free service does not run all year long but rather on a fixed schedule to be determined during each new school year.

Knight Flight currently operates during Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Breaks.  UCF to MCO buses leave earlier in the day to accommodate as many flight departure times as possible, and MCO to UCF buses leave later in the day to accommodate as many arrival times as possible.

Sign up for Summer Break Shuttles

How do I catch a Knight Flight bus?

You must sign up! Simply click one of the links below and enter your contact details.  You will need to print your confirmation page (or your confirmation email) and bring it with you.

Please keep in mind, as there are multiple times and dates available, you must sign up for departing and returning buses separately!  If you only need a ride one-way, that’s fine too; just sign up for the single bus you need.

Please arrive at least 10 minutes ahead of your scheduled departure time; all of the students on the Knight Flight buses have planes to catch, so unfortunately the buses cannot wait for late-comers.  If you miss your bus, you are responsible for your own transportation to or from the airport.

The Orlando International Airport recommends arriving 2 hours early for domestic flights and 3 hours early for international flights.  Please keep these recommendations in mind when signing up for a Knight Flight bus.  UCF and the Student Government Association will NOT be held resposible for missed flights, whether due to delays in transportation or to other factors.

Please contact the Facilities, Safety and Transportation Coordinator for any questions or concerns regarding Knight Flight.

Thank you!

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