The University of Central Florida proposed a minor amendment to its 2015-25 Campus Master Plan to amend the Capital Improvements, Urban Design, Future Land Use, and Recreation and Open Space Elements.

Included in this change are a temporary grass parking lot to serve events at Spectrum Stadium and a future golf driving range and short game facility in the Northeast sector of campus, south of the softball field.


The new, temporary lot would have a capacity of 250 cars over three acres of Bahia grass, serving as needed overflow parking during game days and other events.

A possible future golf driving range would comprise of an additional 12 acres, UCF said.

“These areas are prime gopher tortoise habitats and may have over 40 active burrows,” the UCF Board of Trustees said of the temporary lot in a future April 19 agenda, citing a tortoise fence to prevent animals from entering the modified area. “The project will need to adhere to UCF tree replacement standards, either by replacing trees onsite or on other areas of campus as designated by Landscape and Natural Resources.”

The 15 acres would be temporary, not to exceed the time when the site is needed for education and research facilities, or for a period of 10 years – whichever is less – said the Board of Trustees.

More information on the golf course will provided as BOT meetings are confirmed. No funding has been set aside for the range and facility at the time of this article.