The Polk County Sheriff’s Office ran Operation Cyber Spring Sweep to target prostitution and those looking to have sex with young girls.

University of Central Florida student Matthew Craig Booth, 19, arrived at a location to meet a 10-year-old girl for sex but instead met deputies of the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, according to PCSO.

Booth told deputies he was a criminal justice student at UCF and hoped to become a K-9 Unit Officer once graduated. The student joined 38 others caught in the sting in the week-long investigation, according to PCSO.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that Booth is not enrolled in classes for the Summer although the Office of Student Conduct will conduct an investigation. Booth faces charges of attempted sexual battery on a minor under 12 years old, traveling to meet a minor, and use of a computer to seduce a minor.

The conversation between the accused sex offender included nude photos and videos sent by Booth to deputies, believing he was communicating with the 10-year-old, and discussion about the ‘young girl’ and her virginity.

“These predators are really out there, trying to violate children,” said Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd. “All it takes is one glance at the conversations these predators have with our undercover detectives. They lurk in chat rooms, and online, ready to groom and violate your children.

“Fortunately, we’ve prevented at least 19 of them from doing so. These predators need to be locked up, and stay locked up, and away from children.”