The University of Central Florida plans to expand the on-campus Chick Fil A restaurant while redesigning seating inside the restaurant to accommodate a greater volume of students, according to documents obtained by Knight News.

In an email exchange, UCF Business Services’ Kevin Sowers discussed plans with Aramark Dining Services officials to expand one of UCF’s most popular dining locations from a seating capacity of 100 to 200 seats while building outward on the Northeast side.

The layout for the expansion includes long countertop seating with a low wall divider that may accommodate 1 to 3 students per section on both sides, roundtable seating that may accommodate 6, long table seating that may accommodate up to 10, as well as booths and face-to-face tables, according to the documents.



Sowers made an inquiry to Aramark in April to determine the completion date for the project, proposing a meeting to review current plans. The May meeting between UCF and Aramark was canceled to focus on financing the Student Union project, according to the documents.

Sowers asked Aramark if the expansion will be a Summer 2018 or Summer 2019 project, citing the difficulty of either until the Student Union is operational (after renovation).

Knight News has communicated with UCF for more on the project.

Magnified view:

These emails were obtained by public records request. Florida has a very broad open records law (F. S. 119) where e-mails may be subject to public disclosure.