As Irma approaches Central Florida, the University of Central Florida has opened its hurricane ride-out locations to all students, according to university police.

In a message posted on Twitter, UCF alerted students that, “students who live off campus and prefer to relocate to an on-campus ride-out location can come to the Nicolson School of Communication.”

Students who are interested in going to the on-campus ride-out location must enter campus via University Blvd before 10 pm. tonight. Students who chose to ride-out the storm on campus will be allowed to park their vehicle on campus in Garage A.

Students who decide to relocate to the on-campus ride-out location, are encouraged to pack enough water, food, medication, etc. to sustain them for at least 72 hours and bring “practical comforts” such as pillows and phone chargers.

Knight News spoke with UCF PD Chief of Police about the ride-out location conditions: “the power will more than likely go out and there are no windows. It’s going to get hot, there are no showers and it’s going to be a long weekend. That’s the cold, hard reality of it.”

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