Orlando was down to “get schwifty” on Tuesday as the Rickmobile from the popular Adult Swim show, “Rick and Morty”, pulled up in front of the Coliseum of Comics in Millenia Plaza.

The Rickmobile is a truck covered with a huge replica of one of the show’s leading protagonists, Rick, who plays an alcoholic mad scientist.

The truck travels the country making frequent stops to sell merchandise to fans. It’s all part of the show’s “Don’t Even Trip Road Trip”, which vows to “bring the store to your door”.

The Rickmobile was scheduled to arrive at 5 p.m., but by 4:30 there was already four lines being formed, each with hundreds of people. They began giving out numbers for line positions hours before, and by 1:00 there were already 150 numbers distributed.

The wait to buy merch was a lot longer than “rixty minutes”, but fans were determined. In fact, they were so eager to express their love for “Rick and Morty” that many showed up in costume.

“The show is hilarious,” said Josh Barker, an employee at the Orlando Veterans Association, “It’s the smartest and wittiest show to have been made in the last fifteen years.”

In honor of the Rickmobile,Barker decided to channel his inner Rick Sanchez, and go all out for the event.

Everyone from businessmen taking a quick break from work to little kids in Rick wigs came out to grab some merchandise and to get “riggity wrecked” with fellow fans.

UCF students were also out showing their support for the franchise.

“I was most excited about the ‘Rick and Morty’ backpack I bought at the Rickmobile,” said William Montgomery, a junior at UCF studying Biochemistry, “‘Rick and Morty’ will take you on an interdimensional journey that few can walk away from.”

The Rickmobile also helped local business.

“It was a great crowd and a great event,” said Phil Boyle, the CEO of the Coliseum of Comics, “It absolutely boosted business.”