ORLANDO, Fla. – The Orlando Sentinel has reported on Friday that UCF is currently undertaking a construction-defect lawsuit against architects and contractors of Spectrum Stadium, opened in September of 2007.

“UCF has filed a lawsuit to hold the companies involved in constructing the stadium accountable for their role in creating premature wear of the steel,” spokesman Mark Sclueb said to Knight News. “We contend that it is requiring more maintenance than it should for its age and use.”


The school has expanded premium seating options in the past two seasons, adding and then expanding the Carl Black and Gold Cabana Club, as well as the on-field cabanas.


Knight News contacted UCF officials in April about the condition of rust in the stadium but was told that the rust was not considered a matter of urgent concern.

“Rust remediation at the BHNS stadium is an ongoing program that is addressed on an annual basis. Every year, third-party inspectors review and assess the stadium. The stadium is not permitted to be used unless structure and life-safety findings are corrected and certified complete by the inspecting agency,” UCF said in April.

“Prior to the 2015 football season, a number of rust issues were remediated at the stadium, in accordance with recommendations by inspectors. This remediation occurred during the summer and was completed prior to the 2015 football season. Rust is not considered an urgent concern unless it has the potential to compromise the structure. BHNS stadium rust has not been significant enough to result in a danger to students or other stadium guests. I’m not aware of reports of emergency rust repair.”

UCF will host Memphis in a highly-anticipated conference matchup on Saturday at 7 p.m.