The University of Central Florida has only made its way up the AP Top 25 as it breaks No. 18 in week 9.

Navy’s offense made for a war of attrition in Annapolis, running one play at a time and throwing bomb passes when the acclaimed UCF defense was caught sleeping, but the Knights would fight for their 31-21 victory in due time.

This was the first time that UCF has truly been tested. McKenzie Milton said that there was no panic and that the team was confident throughout, but Coach Frost admitted after the game that he felt like he had some time taken off his life after the win.

UCF came, saw, and certainly didn’t conquer. They did come away with their sixth win, they did keep the magic alive, and they did remove themselves from the most unique offensive system they will face this season.

“Sometimes you win and it’s easy, sometimes you have to battle,” said Frost. “Sometimes it’s not as pretty, but a win is a win. I love how this team kept fighting, I love how they’re playing together right now.”

It just didn’t come easy this time.

The University of South Florida has moved down to No. 17 from No. 16 after coming within one score of an upset away in New Orleans against Tulane 34-28.

Game story:

Anderson, Moore and Killins Steal the Wind from Navy’s Sails in 31-21 Win