Amani Jalia Hamilton, 21, (left) and Reysling DeJesus Herrera, 22, (right) are in custody in Osceola County for last week's armed home invasion at an apartment complex near UCF. Jose Almonte, 17, is also in custody and there is an active warrant for Alexis Jasmine Walker, 20. (Photos: Twitter, @UCFPolice)

Four suspects have been identified by UCF police in connection to last week’s armed home invasion at The Pointe at Central apartments.

They are Reysling DeJesus Herrera, 22; Jose Almonte, 17; Alexis Jasmine Walker, 20; and Amani Jalia Hamilton, 21 — according to the UCFPD arrest report.


None of the suspects have any affiliation with UCF, but the two victims are UCF students, UCF police spokeswoman Courtney Gilmartin said.

Herrera, Almonte and Hamilton are in custody in Osceola County and there is an active warrant for Walker’s arrest. All four face charges of home-invasion robbery with a firearm, false imprisonment and trespass of a conveyance, with an additional charge of grand theft auto for Hamilton, according to the report.

Two residents at Pointe at Central apartment complex contacted police Nov. 29 to report an armed robbery.

Over the course of the investigation, authorities learned that Walker reached out to a resident of the apartment to arrange a drug deal. Walker, Hamilton, Herrera and Almonte allegedly arrived at the apartment complex together in a Chevrolet Camaro that had been reported stolen out of Orange County, the report said.

The stolen vehicle was a black, 2014 Chevrolet Camaro, Gilmartin said.

The report alleges Walker and Hamilton went upstairs to the resident’s apartment and socialized. At some point, the women signaled to the men downstairs, and Herrera and Almonte rushed inside the apartment. Herrera pointed a pistol at the residents as Almonte collected items from the unit.

The group left the scene with drugs, electronics, a backpack and one of the resident’s wallets.

Detectives were able to make contact with both women who implicated themselves in the incident, the report said.

On Dec. 1, UCFPD investigators were alerted to two arrests made by the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office in connection with the stolen vehicle used in the crime at The Pointe. Herrera and Almonte were in the Camaro, which also contained some of the items stolen during the home invasion, according to the report. The car fled from police and the men later attempted to flee on foot before being apprehended and arrested by the sheriff’s deputies.

Herrera and Almonte denied involvement in the UCF-area crime, but were positively identified by the victims. They face additional charges from the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office.