The University of Central Florida Police Department received a call for a suspicious incident that took place Monday night around 10:30 p.m.

Two residents of Towers 3 on the North side of campus reported an altercation and looked out the window to see a female screaming for help by the loading dock.

According to a police report obtained by Knight News, the caller and her roommates heard a woman call for help twice. The woman ran away from a silver four-door vehicle while a male in a dark hoodie chased after her. One of the witnesses stated that it looked as if the female was attempting to run to a blue light emergency phone.

The witness ran to her roommate’s room where they saw the male force the female down and then into the vehicle through the rear passenger door, where the male also entered before the vehicle took off, police say.

The car is described as a newer-model four-door silver sedan. The driver is unknown.

Police attempted to make contact with other Towers residents, checked security footage at nearby gas stations, and conducted a search of the area. Eyeglasses, a cleaning cloth, and a soft case were found near a dumpster where the suspect’s vehicle was seen, the report stated.

“We do not know who the woman is. She was described being a thin, white female with long blonde hair, wearing a vibrant pink shirt and leggings,” said UCF Police after responding to the incident.

“Immediately, UCF Police officers canvased the area, knocked on doors in Tower 3, reviewed surveillance footage, and put out an alert to local law enforcement. No additional information has been gathered at this time. We do not know whether a crime occurred, but the report is concerning, and we are taking it seriously.”

If you have any information, please contact UCFPD by calling 407-823-5555.

You also can report information anonymously and be eligible for a reward by calling CRIMELINE at 1-800-423-TIPS.