Steve Spurrier and Bobby Bowden have built up quite the rivalry over the years. These two haven’t agreed on much in their past.  With the help of UCF they did, however, finally agreed on one thing: UCF should be the National Champions.

Prior to the Peach Bowl Spurrier was quoted saying if UCF wins they should have a claim to The National Title.  After UCF’s victory, Spurrier doubled down on his statement.

“UCF is a darn good team, they’re the only undefeated team in the country and they beat the team [Auburn] that beat the teams [Georgia and Alabama] who played in the national championship game. Why shouldn’t they be national champions?,” according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Meanwhile, Bowden told the Omaha World-Herald: “I’ll be honest with you; they [UCF] deserve the national title in my opinion,” According to the Orlando Sentinel.

Both coaches competed for decades and haven’t come together on much if anything at all.  They were in the middle of college football’s biggest rivalry in the 90’s. For them to agree on UCF’s claim to the National Championship adds two more credible sources for the Knights’ argument.