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NFL vet and Auburn alumnus Takeo Spikes laughingly used the terms “sick to my stomach and “gonna throw up” after losing a friendly bet to UCF alumnus Kevin Dahl, host of The Backstage Pass LIVE, once the Knights claimed victory in the Peach Bowl.

“I reached out to Auburn alum Takeo on his Peach Bowl plans … and then the UCF bashing/friendly trash talk began. We made a bet on the game (straight up, no point spread) that involved posting or singing the other school’s fight song online,” Kevin Dahl said to Knight News.

Spikes posted the UCF Fight Song on Instagram Thursday while also congratulating the Knights on an undefeated season and brilliant Peach Bowl victory.

“I don’t think he even imagined UCF winning before he agreed to the terms,” Dahl continued.

“He’s about as competitive as it comes, so getting him to honor the bet publicly on social media was difficult, but he did it!”

Takeo will sing the UCF fight song on his Sky Sports show in the United Kingdom. Blake Bortles reached out to Dahl on Instagram shortly after, congratulating the alumnus on representing UCF.

“He’s catching so much flack from Auburn alumni, teammates, and fellow NFLers right now. I almost feel bad!” said Dahl.

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