Florida may not be known for its classic claim-to-fame food items – that is, until Publix grocery introduced its own deli service to customers.

Enter the Pub-Sub, a reliably delicious sandwich that Florida does better than anyone else, according to Thrillist, a food, drink, travel, and entertainment website.


It’s something you buy after class, before the beach, for lunch or dinner, all while you wait in a line eleven deep with students on the last sale day just to get one, after asking the deli workers if they’ve had a break from chicken tenders all day since opening time. To which they reply, “no.”

It is a Florida classic.

Mom doesn’t have time for dinner? Just buy Publix’s Hawaiian Rolls, a box of hot fried chicken, potato salad in front of the Deli, and maybe half-subs for the family.

But there’s one more question to ask: Pub-Sub or Wawa-Run?

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