Orlando, Fla.-  The Tide Pod Challenge is sweeping the nation, well not really, but it is a real thing. This year, there has been 39 reported cases of teenagers eating a Tide Pod, intentionally. Many kids have been hospitalized, symptoms including explosive diarrhea and respiratory issues.

Why are teenagers performing this dangerous stunt?

They are kids, and I’m certain we can all remember our younger selves doing foolish things for attention.

Attention, that is how it started. Teenagers love clicks, follows, and adds. They knew that posting videos of themselves eating laundry detergent would gain a lot of traction. Some of the Tide Pod Challenge Videos were getting upwards of 30,000 views.

Many businesses are using the talking point of the challenge to get people in the door. One being the local Orlando Bakery, Valkyrie Doughnuts. The bakery posted this picture to their Instagram account yesterday, promoting their Tide Pod inspired doughnuts.


I’m certain the Tide Pod Challenge craze will die down soon.

YouTube and Tide are leading the way; YouTube is removing videos of the challenge from their site, Tide is doing an advertising campaign with stars, such as Rob Gronkoski.