University of Central Florida Student Government Justice Dan Croatti was featured on the popular site, “Total Frat Move,” for his “Unexpected knock out” of another individual.

In the video, which has been viewed by over 37 thousand people, Croatti is first seen receiving a slap across the face by a man who our source says is Croatti’s Sigma Pi fraternity brother. 

After first being slapped, Croatti is heard saying, “alright my turn,” as he winds up to deliver his blow.

Once contacting the other man’s face, it seems Croatti knew that he had delivered an “unexpected KO.”

Croatti is then seen rushing over to the man and can be heard asking if he is alright. The man seemed to be unresponsive.

Knight News reached out to Croatti yesterday for comment on the video but did not receive any statement from him. Along with Croatti, Knight News also reached out to UCF Director of Student Conduct Michael Gilmer, and Croatti’s boss Chief Justice Aric Hawkins. Neither of them has responded.

Though Croatti did not reply to Knight News’ emails, he did find the time to rate Knight News 1 out of 5 stars on Facebook the day after he received our request for comment.

See Croatti’s “unexpected knock out” below: