Photo from 2017 Universal Knights

On Thursday night at the UCF SGA Senate session, Rachel Cohen, Director of Campus Life, announced 12,000 free tickets for the annual Universal Knights will be distributed online through Ticketmaster beginning on March 25th at 4 pm.

Universal Knights 2018 will be taking place on April 15 from 4 pm – 1 am at Islands of Adventure.

UCF students will receive a link to Ticketmaster and a password to access it, in a email sent to their Knights account. The link will also be shared on SGA’s social media accounts. Once the link goes live, students will be able to reserve their tickets and select a date to pick them up. According to Cohen, tickets will likely sell out within minutes of the link going live.

Tickets will be available for pick-up at the Live Oak Ballroom in Ferrel Commons any time from 10 am to 3 pm on April 2nd – 6th. Students must come with their UCF ID and voucher, emailed to them, on the date they selected in order to pick up their ticket.


Students attending regional campuses, such as Rosen, will be able to reserve their tickets online and pick them up at those campuses.

“Regional campuses will still reserve on the online system. However, students that are entirely at regional campuses or at Rosen will have the opportunity to pick up their tickets there,” Cohen said. “We are still figuring out the exact way of them letting us know. It will probably be an email to me with their class schedule showing they are entirely at a regional campus.”

Guest tickets, costing $57, can be purchased at the Universal Orlando gate, with 2,000 tickets available. They must be purchased by a UCF student and can be used by anyone, regardless if they are a UCF student or not.

In regards to transportation, students who purchase a ticket will be emailed a parking pass that allows them to start parking at 3 pm on April 15th in Universal’s parking garages. In addition, shuttles will also be provided by SGA on a first-come first serve basis. Students must reserve a time-slot, to ride the shuttle, through an email sent to them.

Students must have their ticket and wristband to enter the park. Students without wristbands will not be allowed in and may be asked to leave if they lose it once inside the park. Furthermore, students may not sell their ticket as its against the Golden Rule.