By: Kinzie Hicks

After the latest stunt pulled last Wednesday, February 28, 2018, in the business building one many students are left feeling concerned about their safety on campus.

A UCF student said to be sigma pi, walked into a classroom he was not enrolled in, in the business building. Shortly into the class, he pulled a “Lebron James move” by throwing baby formula into the air and running out of the room. Causing the building to be evacuated and shut down for hours.

That very next day reporter Kinzie Hicks investigated to see just how easy it is to walk in on and sit through an entire class that you’re not enrolled in.

Hicks was able to sit through an hour and fifteen-minute lecture without being asked by a professor or students if she even attends that class on a daily basis.

Arianna Pantin, a UCF student who has all her classes in the business buildings say it’s concerning to her that anyone off the street can walk into a class and not be noticed.

“It’s crazy to me we pay a lot of money for these classes and if anyone can walk into them then why are we paying all this money for these classes to begin with,” says Pantin.

Hicks reached out to the police for an interview on what the limitations are for the public once they reach University buildings. They had no comment.

“If the police aren’t willing to comment on the safety of the buildings and the classrooms from outside intruders then how are they supposed to make us feel safe,” says Pantin.

There have been three incidents in business building one just this year and five in business building two.

This number is already equivalent to the incidents reported in both these buildings back in 2017.

“That’s just absurd especially with all the school shootings and everything that we have going on in just this year alone,” says Pantin. “I don’t feel very safe about that because anyone can walk in off the street and do anything.”