Photo by Caroline Jackson

As managing editor of Knight News, I take news – especially student-centered news – very seriously.

I firmly believe that students have the right to know what’s going on at their university, and at the University of Central Florida, which is home to 66,000 students, there’s never a dull moment.

I started my journey into journalism the first semester I came to this amazing place we call UCF. I found my home at Knight News, which provides students with a unique investigative journalistic experience. And I’ll forever be grateful for the lessons I’ve learned while working for this amazing publication. All the experience that the entire staff of Knight News has gained is thanks to a community that supports us and our work.

It hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Knight News has had its turbulence at UCF, suing the school multiple times to acquire documents and access to closed-door meetings – all in the name of transparency. We’ve fought so that students can know the truth, and have full knowledge of where their hard-earned tuition money is going. It hasn’t always been easy, but some other student newsrooms have it much, much worse.

Recently, Knight News has joined with student newsrooms all over the country under the campaign #SaveStudentNewsrooms. We’ve heard the cries for help from student publications who have had to reduce their staff due to lack of funding, who are being blacklisted by their universities and who must close their doors all together.

Journalism has the unique responsibility of shedding light on issues that the public would otherwise never know about. At Knight News, we’re dedicated to bring the student body, alumni and staff important and relevant news that affects them. And in addition to serving the UCF community, we’ve taught and housed some of the most prolific student journalists on this great campus, who have gone on to do amazing things in journalism after graduation. We’re a news source, but we’re also a training ground for the next generation of reporters, photojournalists, videographers and editors. Student publications are an invaluable resource.

There are lots of ways people can support student newsrooms. Donations are always appreciated, and obviously monetary support is never a bad thing. But, not everyone can give money, and at a university setting, that’s completely understandable. Just giving support by reading and sharing news from student publications does wonders. Where there are readers, there are writers.

Thank you for listening, and supporting Knight News in whatever way you can. We will always be committed to bring you the important news the UCF community expects from us. If you’d like more information about #SaveStudentNewsrooms, visit their website here.