NFL rookie and former UCF defensive back Mike Hughes fulfilled a lifelong promise he made: to buy his mother a house.

The ‘dream come true’ for Hughes was posted on social media over the weekend and includes a picture of his family in front of the house.

“Worked my whole life to accomplish this moment. Being able to get my mother the house she wanted by doing what I love is nothing short of a dream come true! Love you mama ❤️,” the post said.

Hughes signed a $9.87 million contract with a $5.25 million signing bonus with the Minnesota Vikings.

Hughes doesn’t plan to splurge beyond his promise, however.

“Other than getting my mom a new house, I plan to save money,” Hughes said.

The UCF alumna was the highest-drafted defensive player in university history and the second to be picked up by the Vikings in the first round, alongside Daunte Culpepper.