By: Ryan Woerner

By: Ryan Woerner

For years, conservative and liberal students would attend a bi-partisan 9-11 memorial on campus to remember those who lost their lives that fateful day– but this tradition was broken this year.


As Knight News previously reported, the College Democrats did not attend a 9-11 memorial  on campus to honor those who lost their lives in the worst terror attack on the US. mainland after being invited by conservative group, Young Americans for Freedom.

Knights News went to the College Democrats weekly meeting this evening to find out why no one from the group attended the event.

The College Democrats leadership told Knight News they were aware of the invitation from YAF Secretary, Carter Lankes, however none of the College Democrats’ members could attend due to “conflicts of time,” according to Vice President of the College of Democrats Sophia Garduno.

Garduno went on to explain the club posted about the event in a discussion board asking if anyone could go. “We wanted to be able to make the memorial service so we can remember those who lost their lives,” Garduno said.

Garduno went on to explain the importance of this day in American history. “This is a day in which we need to come together as people and not be divided by our party affiliation,” she said.

Garduno said the club was looking forward to this annual event, and coming together with their fellow students to honor those who lost their lives 17-years-ago.

Garduno said the club will honor the victims of 9-11 with a moment of silence during the club’s meeting tonight.