The main bookstore at the University of Central Florida will see a second, larger renovation completed in early October.

The UCF apparel area (right through the door) has been stripped down to concrete and drywall. The textbooks and school supply areas have been moved to a reorganized part of the bookstore where checkout counters have been moved from the middle of the room to the wall.

The bookstore cafe also saw changes this semester with the opening of Foxtail Coffee offering a dramatic improvement over the older hangout location.

Foxtail Coffee Opens in the UCF Bookstore, giving students a visual overhaul to the hangout spot

The bookstore at Knights Plaza may see renovations after this project sees completion.

“There are no plans to remodel the Barnes and Noble at Knights Plaza,” said Communications Coordinator Anthony Moore.

“Currently, the University is in the final phases of a remodel at the main bookstore in the John T. Washington Center. Upon completion of that project, the University may consider small enhancements to the Knights Plaza facility.”