The No. 12 UCF Knights threw down the hammer on SMU through first quarter action to lead 21-3.

However, the next 15 game minutes the Knights offense struggled to repeat their performance, settling for two field goals and a scare from McKenzie Milton halfway through the second quarter. Milton ran on a QB keep on 3rd and 10 only to meet at the crossroads between three SMU defenders. The starting quarterback fell on his shoulder, short one yard the first down, and jogged off the field after spending some time on the ground. Milton would return just before the half to relieve second string QB Darriel Mack.

As UCF rises to the top-10 ranking glass ceiling, Milton gains more attention for his Heisman campaign. While it’s certain he’ll receive votes, as did last year, New York City is the goal. 

The Mustangs earned their first touchdown on a Milton interception deep in UCF territory. Through then, the Knights defense had no trouble keeping SMU at bay, continuing to halt their drives well before the fifty-yard line.

SMU head coach Sonny Dykes was forced to substitute his quarterbacks to change the pace and saw success with moving the ball, but not with touchdowns quite yet.

Southern Methodist’s only two TDs in the 48-20 game came from the interception and a slow drive in garbage time. 

UCF responded with a touchdown in the third quarter and a pair in the fourth. The six total are on pace with a 48.75 pt average the Knights score each week in 2018.

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