Which Wich ‘Super Sandwiches’ debuted in the University of Central Florida Student Union along with one new area of its 21st Century project.

The sandwich shop features 8 fan-favorite picks such as buffalo chicken, double avocado, and more.

Huey Magoo’s chicken tenders moved from its original location to the restaurant adjacent to Which Wich. 

Next to Magoos will be Panda Express which is anticipated to open at the end of October, according to a Student Union spokesman. Steak N Shake and Q’Doba, the final two storefronts, will open at the beginning of the Spring semester. Q’Doba will move from its original spot between the Union atrium and Pegasus Ballroom to the new food court so that the expansion can move to the next phase.

Student Union’s Which Wich Expected to Open Monday, Panda Express by End of October