Sunday’s morning press conference with Fiesta Bowl Executive Director Mike Nealy and Fiesta Bowl Board of Directors Chairman Steven Leach brought up an interesting topic of conversation the College Football Playoffs.

One thing was for sure both Nealy and Leach do not believe in expanding the Playoffs. Nealy said that the four team system was adequate and works fine.

On Thursday Nealy spoke with and said the following:

“And then college football itself is changing,” said Nealy. “The playoffs, the talk of expanding playoffs, that could bring in more challenges for the bowls. I think that could start diluting the regular season and also other bowls.”

Earlier in the press conference Leach said he is convinced that this matchup on New Year’s Day is one of the “most unique bowl” matchups this season. He said, UCF and LSU are both very dynamic teams who are on different ends of the spectrum. When asked to elaborate on that he said both are great teams but there are just differences in the programs.

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