This morning at LSU’s defensive media availability LSU defensive end Rashard Lawrence said he would be “pretty pissed off” is he was not included in the playoffs after two undefeated seasons like UCF.

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He said the team deserves to have a shot to play for the national championship after a strong showing against an SEC team last year in the Fiesta Bowl.

“If I was a student-athlete on their team and we’ve been undefeated two years in a row, I’d be pretty pissed off because we showed we beat an SEC team last year,” Lawrence said. “We’ve shown our dominance and we’ve shown we can play with anybody. So it’s frustrating for them I know, but if I was in their shoes I’d be pretty mad too.”

He said they’re going to go out on New Years Day against UCF hoping to break their 25-game win streak.

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