It has been three days since we have started our Exposing inSECurity campaign to further our investigation into the college football playoff system.

In these three days our investigation and campaign have gone viral and already raised $950! The investigation has gotten people very interested. We have appeared on Fox 35 Orlando and the High Motor Podcast to discuss our campaign. WESH 2 News and the Cincinnati Enquirer are among the others who also covered our campaign.

The campaign and even the first news package we produced has stirred up a ton of controversy. We have seen both sides reacting in different ways.

Support has come from many fans of the group of five schools, but that is not the only support we have received. Fans from schools in the power five conferences have supported and agree that we need to continue investigating.

Meanwhile, on the other side we have gotten a lot of negative remarks and attacks from fans and supporters of the SEC apparently attempting to discourage us from continuing our investigation.

Some SEC fans are even trying to intimidate us by falsely claiming we are breaking trademark laws, even though the law clearly allows trademarked logos to be used in news reporting and investigations like Exposing inSECurity.

Other SEC fans even tried to discourage the investigation by threatening Knight News’ non-profit status — even though the IRS has issued rulings allowing non-profit student newspapers to sell ads to supports their mission for years, including SEC schools like UF and Georgia.

Overall the amount of discussion that this investigation has started has made us want to dig even deeper and shine even more of a light on a system that could be possibly be unfair.

The negative feedback and threats will not stop or hinder our investigation, as we will continue to do our due diligence to shine a light on the current system.