In a matter of days, UCF officials involved in the Colbourn Hall controversy will face judgment from someone other than their own colleagues.

The Florida Board of Governors is poised to determine if UCF has properly investigated and reacted to the Colburn Hall controversy.

“The Board of Governors is expected to discuss the report and UCF’s proposed corrective action during its Board meeting on January 30-31, and Board members will determine then whether the investigation and corrective actions are satisfactory – or if they need to take additional action,” according to the Florida Board of Governors Director of Communications, Brittany Wise.

While UCF has directed the scope of the misappropriation of funds investigation being performed by the law firm Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, Wise indicated that the Board of Governors has the final say when it comes to corrective action.


Wise explained that in order for the Board of Governors to have directed the investigation, the University must be unable or unwilling to conduct the investigation by themselves. “Trustee Beverly Seay, as chair of UCF’s Audit Committee, was both willing and able to conduct the investigation – with no conflicts of interest,” Wise said.

The Board of Governors has monitored the investigation, as the Board’s inspector general is an active participant in interviews conducted by Bryan Cave, Wise said.

Contracts between UCF and Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner obtained by Knight News show that the law firm’s investigation has a specific scope determined by UCF. The scope included identifying guilty parties and determining what measures UCF should put into place to prevent such actions from being taken in the future.

Knight News will provide further updates as they are made available.