A UCF student is OK after suffering a seizure in a testing center on campus Thursday evening, according to a statement by Erika Hodges, director of communications and marketing for the UCF College of Business.

Hodges made this statement in response to a student’s complaint that testing center staff were not equipped to deal with the situation and responded in a manner that could have harmed the student, according to an email the complaining student shared with Knight News.

The complaining student who didn’t identify their self, said that staff attempted to restrain the student which “is generally known as one of the most harmful things you can do in a situation like this.” The student who complained also said that staff were yelling at students asking for a phone, but students in the testing center did not have access to their phones due to testing center policy.

Hodges said that the testing center manager called 911 from a telephone on the front desk and UCFPD arrived minutes later.


“Testing center staff are permitted to carry a cell phone on them in case of an emergency, and the proctor on duty had her cell phone with her, as did others in the room,” Hodges said.

Hodges said the incident and the response by the staff was reviewed.

“After reviewing this incident, we commend the testing center staff on duty last night for responding swiftly and calmly to help the student and notify emergency personnel,” Hodges said.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.