Photo via UCFPD Twitter

UCF Police are urging students to remain vigilant after releasing footage of a public sex act which went unnoticed by several passers-by on campus.

Malik Tirrell Gaither, 25, was arrested by UCFPD Tuesday and charged with exposure of sexual organs, grand theft, and loitering/prowling, according to court records.


Authorities say the registered sex offender was wandering campus and openly committing a sex act while also in possession of property stolen from a residence hall.

Despite the sex act being done publicly and in broad daylight, Gaither was able to “navigate campus for some time before being reported,” said UCF Police.

In the video released by UCFPD, Gaither is allegedly seen committing a sex act behind a woman standing just feet from an emergency blue light. Moments later, another woman is seen walking past Gaither, seemingly unaware of what he was doing. Both women appeared to be distracted by handheld devices.

Here is the clip released by UCFPD. Authorities have blurred the footage due to its graphic nature and to protect the identities of the unknown females.


On Facebook, UCF authorities stressed the significance of situational awareness. “Take precautions to protect yourself, such as walking with a purpose and without distractions”, police said in a post. “We ask that you be our partners in campus safety by remaining alert and remembering that we are always here for you.”

Gaither has no affiliation to UCF and was trespassed from campus, UCFPD reported.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.