A small group of senate hopefuls and colleagues gathered around the Pegasus crest late Wednesday to catch the poll results of the 2019 UCF Student Government Senate elections.

While it was a special night for all the senate race winners, it was a particularly meaningful night for sophomore Anthony Moscol, who won a seat in the College of Medicine with more votes than any other candidate across all the colleges.


The West Palm Beach native said he is relieved that the campaign trail is behind him, and said he looks forward to getting to work for his constituents.

“I will fight for them and I will be a voice for them,” Moscol said. “They can always come to me, I’m just another student.”

Moscol said he intends to advocate for 24-hour library access and more research and internship opportunities for his college.

Of the reported 68,571 students enrolled at UCF, only 1,960 students cast a total of 4,249 votes in the election.

Austin Wilson, the Student Government supervisor of elections, said he is pleased with the turnout considering the political and weather-related complications SG faced leading into the election.

“If we promote civic engagement here, and hopefully if [UCF students] are voting for the Student Government elections, then hopefully they are voting for the real elections,” Wilson said. “The real consequence of change is what happens after we get out of university, so I definitely feel like that is a rewarding part of being in the elections commission.”

Wilson, who has served as the supervisor for less than two weeks, stepped into the position after the former supervisor of elections resigned midway through the election.

The senate elections were also delayed a week due to Hurricane Dorian, according to a SG press release on Sept. 15.

The 2019 Student Government Senate results are listed below:

College of Community Innovation and Education:
Cami DiGiacomo won a senate seat with 62 of 217 votes.

College of Arts and Humanities:
Emma Custis won a senate seat with 68 of 250 votes.

College of Business Administration:
Benjamin Rembaum won a senate seat with 88 of 601 votes.

College of Engineering and Computer Science:
Richard Hyman III won a senate seat with 166 of 406 votes.

College of Graduate Studies:
Lauren Bonefont won a senate seat with 43 of 152 votes.

College of Health Professions and Sciences:
Rebekah Galloway won a senate seat with 112 of 425 votes.

Rosen College of Hospitality Management:
Shenella Foster won a senate seat with 48 of 52 votes.

College of Medicine:
Anthony Moscow won a senate seat with 190 of 571 votes.

College of Nursing:
Brianna Vazquez won a senate seat with 4 of 5 votes.

College of Sciences:
Gabriel Soto won a senate seat with 153 of 1,285 votes.

Nicholson School of Communications and Media:
Kamilya Ismailova won a senate seat with 97 of 237 votes.

College of Optics and Photonics:
Nicolas Bonaduce won a senate seat with 17 of 18 votes.

Undeclared Majors:
Connor Grodi won a senate seat with 13 votes. Grodi was unopposed.

College of Undergraduate Studies:
Harshley Fils-Aime won a senate seat with 17 votes. Fils-Aime was unopposed.

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