Students attend the Healthy Knights Expo Tuesday, in the Student Union's Pegasus Ballroom.

The 2019 Healthy Knights Expo was a huge success as more UCF students got flu shots than ever before, students were also able to engage with wellness staff and learn more about healthier living habits.

A new twist was brought to this year’s event as UCF competed with other Florida schools to see who is the healthiest.


Hundreds of students from the University of Florida, Florida State University, the University of Southern Florida, and the University of Central Florida all lined up to see which school can get the greatest number of students to take a flu shot in the “4 U’s Fight the Flu” competition.

UCF students showed their healthy habits as over 1,300 UCF students arrived at the event to get their free flu shots, as well as take advantage of other wellness resources that are available to them, said Crystal Zavallo, event manager.

Although UCF came in second, behind USF, they gave out 838 flu shots, more than ever before, according to Susanna Bryan, Student Health Services coordinator.

“Last year we only gave 187 shots at the Healthy Knights Expo and before that the highest we have ever given was five years ago when we gave over 400 shots,” Bryan said in a press release. “While we normally push a big flu shot campaign every single year, this year is special because we’re now competing with other universities and everyone is hyped up and ready because we want UCF to win.”

Along with obtaining free flu shots, students also learned that they have access to mental fitness programs, nutrition and exercise resources, as well as programs that help them focus more on living a healthier life.

Zavallo explained the significance of knowing these different resources.

“It’s super important. You get to know the different services available on campus that are available for the wholistic well-being approach, and all the different areas of wellness,” Zavallo said.

Zavallo also wants students to know the faces of those who are providing these resources.

“We’re not just a table that’s going to hand you a piece of paper,” Zavallo said. “We’re actually going to have an engaging interaction or conversation to hopefully make these services more accessible to students so they’re aware of them and also excited to use them.”

The Healthy Knights Expo takes place every year, providing students with valuable services on living a healthier life. This year was no exception as UCF continued to find success in educating students and providing valuable resources, even adding a competition in order to get students to maintain a healthy lifestyle.