Bros Icing Bros: From UCF to the New York Times, Smirnoff Ice Is Hot

It's been about  a week and a half since published this story documenting how "Bros Icing Bros" was becoming a big hit at...

Space Shuttle Discovery Safely in Space

Those UCF students up early Monday morning were lucky enough to catch the last scheduled night shuttle launch ever. The Space Shuttle Discovery and...

How to Find A Real Job on Craigslist

Finding a job in this economy is tough. And scammers and recruiters are taking full advantage of young job seekers. If you've been using any career hunting website, you know finding a good job is difficult. I've put together a list of the best rules to stick to for finding a real job on Craigslist.

10 Money Saving Tips for UCF Students

In these tough economic times, UCF students dish out thousands of dollars a year on increasing tuition costs and housing alone. We could...

Good News: Gas Prices Going Down

College students struggling with historic tuition hikes and decreased cash flow from parents hit by the recession have some good news — gas prices...

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