Democratic Party Appears Divided at Start of DNC

The Democratic party may not be as united as they had hoped going into day one of the Democratic National Convention. Hundreds of Bernie Sanders...

Trump Visits UCF: Live Streaming Coverage, Updates

Knight News had a team of reporters covering every angle of Donald Trump's visit to UCF. Above is a replay of our live video...

Nick and Cristina earn UCF SGA President and Vice President

The University of Central Florida student body voted in their new Student Government Association president and vice president: Nick Larkins and Cristina Barreto. Knight News'...

VIDEO: Obama Making Unexpected Live Speech at 10:30 p.m. Sunday

See the video feed of President Barack Obama's unexpected speech below:

‘Grannies for Carson’ Member Believes Carson is Best for her Grandchildren

She calls her group “Grannies for Carson.” She is for traditional family oriented American values, such as manners and eating together at the dinner...

Orlando marches for science on Earth Day

The City Beautiful joined hundreds of other marches around the world in support of science on Saturday, April 17, 2017. Among those marching in...

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