When I review movies, I like to get right down to the point. I give you the good, the bad and maybe  a few quotes so you can get a feel for the film. I am not influenced by other reviews; I don’t care about Ebert and Roeper…and I’d like to tell them what they can do with both of their thumbs.

This weekend marked the movie industry’s release of an envelope-pusher: Bruno.

As Sacha Baron Cohen’s second character shocker (his most recent being Borat), he certainly lives up to the expectation of astonishment. As there are many mixed feelings of this movie, I will lay my opinion right out on the table: it was comic genius. On the surface, it’s a flamboyant foreigner who whose ignorance gets under the skin of those with whom he has no business rubbing shoulders. But on a deeper level, the movie is designed to point out the true racism that is still existent in America. In fact, the only thing you will hear more than laughs in the theater is the person behind you saying “Did he really say that? Is this real?”

Bruno goes on a quest to become “the most famous Austrian celebrity since Hitler.” His repulsive behavior, contrived outfits and obscene comments make for a film that provides pure shock value, at its very least. Prepare to laugh uncontrollably from scenes such as when Bruno makes Paula Abdul sit on a Mexican immigrant, or when Snoop Dogg calls Bruno the ‘white Obama” or even when, well…I probably shouldn’t even say it.


Provided that you don’t leave the theater from being too offended (or feeling awkward if you see it with your parents), you will be blown away by the reaction of the many subcultures of America in response to homosexuality. At one point, Ron Paul, former US Presidential Candidate, runs away from Bruno yelling: “He’s queer as the blazes…he put a hit on me and made a move.” If those are the words of a conservative, respected national politician, just image what you’ll hear from the mouths of many homophobic middle Americans. And keep in mind, nothing has been censored.

You will either hate or love this movie, but I doubt many people will find themselves in between. But one thing is for sure, whether you like it or not, you’ll walk away from this film saying “Wow, I can’t believe someone actually made that movie.” Yea…it’s that incredible.