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KnightNews.com, the winner of a national journalism award, is the only independent, non-profit news source serving the University of Central Florida area, its students, alumni, staff and neighbors.

Being non-profit means advertising revenue our students work to generate goes back to educating and supporting students, and gives students exclusive opportunities to travel across the globe to cover UCF, with state-of-the-art equipment used by the pros. As a result, KnightNews.com’s coverage — and its students’ resumes — stand above the pack.

Since 2009 we’ve been holding the powerful at UCF accountable with our investigative reporting, breaking major stories and covering UCF sports. And we’re proud to say we’ve won many first place awards from the Society of Professional Journalists along the way.

At KnightNews.com, we pioneered the college model for a 24-hour independent news source, with constant online updates that matter to those we serve. And because this is a digital age, we set a nationwide example to offer college news content the way that’s expected — through social media, online articles and video that’s fresh and relevant — rather than through the declining print paper medium. Our online approach is also environmentally friendly.

KnightNews.com is where you can come to get informed first about major breaking UCF news, and also to get a good laugh with our light features.

At KnightNews.com you’ll learn what you need to know about everything from how your money is being spent at UCF, to nightlife, tuition hikes and who has the best tailgates!

KnightNews.com is revolutionizing the way students stay informed. To advertise with us, click here for UCF advertising rates.

Watch review videos below of major stories covered in past years.

2014 and 5 Year Look Back Video:



Also feel free to take a look back on what we did during 2009.


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Notable Alumni & Jobs Held after Knight News:

  • Christal Hayes – Reporter at Orlando Sentinel, Newsweek and USA Today
  • Derek Lowe – Anchor at KFDX
  • Jake Rakoci – Morning Anchor at Fox 54 Augusta, GA
  • Jacob Sadowsky – Editor at NBC Universal
  • Kevin Wolkenfeld – News Producer at WKMG, before attending law school
  • Ryan Bass – Sports Anchor for CBS Sports, Sports Director at WTSP Tampa
  • Cliff Jett – Freelance Production Business Owner
  • Sarah Harper – Worked at MTV News

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