Shops in the plaza including Scoop, Knight Library, and Lit Smoke Shop face the possibility of closing down for good as the September 30th plaza closing dates approaches. went to the plaza to try and talk to business owners and see if there is going to be a “Plaza 2.0” or if the businesses will be signing leases to new locations. One employee of Lit Smoke Shop told us that everyone is not sure about what they are going to do.


This leaves a huge hole in the nightlife culture UCF has developed in the Plaza, where one can go to three bars, grab food, and go to a hookah lounge all within 100 yards of each other. As of now, there has not been any sources indicated the plaza will be completely relocating to a new area.

El Cerro, the mexican restaurant is currently the only confirmed business to have a place to relocate to. Watch the video below to find out: