An email that popped up on the social news site has caused quite a stir in the University community as more and more people read it.

Written by Charles Negy, a professor in the psychology department at the University of Central Florida, the email responds to an incident in class the day before in which Professor Negy witnessed, what he refers to as, “Religious Bigotry”


…”Students in my class who openly proclaimed that Christianity is the most valid religion, as some of you did last class, portrayed precisely what religious bigotry is…” said Negy.

According to students, the incident that incited the email response involved a male student standing up in class and speaking out against Negy’s lecture involving religion and the Latin culture. Comments posted on state the male ” stood up and tried to convince the 300+ students in class to not feed into the bullshit or as he says “It’s the devil tempting you”.”

You can read the full email sent to students below. has contacted Professor Negy regarding this incident and he has agreed to answer any questions we have. Stay tuned for more information regarding this matter.