Former National Football League quarterback Johnny Manziel is missing, according to Yahoo Sports.

Yahoo reported that Manziel missed a helicopter flight to the Hamptons on Saturday where he was excepted to host a Memorial Day party with family and friends.


It was reported that the quarterback was last seen Friday in New York City where he was involved in an altercation with the owner of Precision Concierge, Wayne Schneider.

According to Yahoo, Manziel and a friend rented a car from Schneider and crashed it last month. The report also said Schneider cornered Manziel’s vehicle Friday night demanding money.

TMZ has video of the confrontation between Manziel and Schneider.

Manziel played for Texas A&M where he won the Heisman Trophy in 2012. After, Manziel was drafted with the twenty-second pick by the Cleveland Browns in 2014. Since college, trouble and controversy has followed Manziel. A

fter this season Manziel was released by the Browns on March 11. No team has resigned him.

“People have been lining up to take shots at Manziel recently, and his behavior has invited this type of treatment. But with friends saying his drinking and drug use have him in a ‘horrible downward spiral,’ and his own father expressing concern about his son’s life, perhaps Manziel’s current state of being calls for a certain level of sympathy,” Yahoo Sports reported.

Knight News will bring you more information as it becomes available about Manziel’s whereabouts.