The SGA office on the Student Union's second floor. (Brett Bissell)

Former Transportation Coordinator Chandra Kethi-Reddy announced that he will call for the resignations of Student Government President Nick Larkins, SGA advisor Shane Juntunen and office manager Sandra Briggs at Thursday night’s senate meeting.

Should Larkins, Juntunen and Briggs not resign, the statement said, Kethi-Reddy said he will file an affidavit for Larkins’ impeachment and “push the University to investigate [Juntunen’s] and [Brigg’s] history of intimidation, coercion, exclusion, and the failing to provide a nurturing and educational environment for divergent students.”


“This is a matter of the future of our University and the future of the very concept of what a University should be,” the statement said.

Larkins, Juntunen and Briggs have not responded to requests for comment.

The announcement was made on Kethi-Reddy’s personal Facebook page Thursday morning. The platform has been used in recent days to trade barbs between Kethi-Reddy and Larkins, the latter using official SGA pages like the “Nick and Cristina” campaign page.

Larkins said in a strongly-worded statement yesterday that Kethi-Reddy had been fired from his post and accused him, in part, of sleeping on the job and cursing out a member of Homecoming’s executive board. The statement was originally posted to the SGA Facebook page, but was taken down moments later.

The post was later taken down from the “Nick and Cristina” page.

Larkins faced criticism for what some saw as a lack of professionalism of the manner in which Kethi-Reddy’s termination was announced as well as for mentioning in the statement that one of Kethi-Reddy’s family members had brain cancer.

The statement also disputes Kethi-Reddy’s claim that he resigned from his post as transportation coordinator, saying that he insisted on resigning only after being notified that he was getting fired.

Kethi-Reddy will be speaking at the upcoming senate meeting Thursday at 7 p.m., which will be livestreamed by SGA and Knight News.

UPDATE: The article was updated to clarify Larkins’ post announcing Kethi-Reddy’s termination was also deleted from the “Nick and Cristina” page.